19 September 2013


Friends, family, readers and followers...I've clearly been away for awhile.  Or rather, I've been away from the blogging world for awhile.  I guess that's what happens when we find ourselves working long hours week in and week out for months on end.  As many of you know, I am a US Army Chaplain, which is partly where the title of my blog came from.  With that said, I will soon be taking the whole "ministry in the trenches" concept from the semi-figurative level to the actual and literal level.  Instead of trenches, it will be FOBs (Forward Operations Bases), but ministry nonetheless.

To answer the question you may (or may not) be asking yourselves at the moment, the answer is "yes", I am being deployed.  Am I a little nervous? Sure.  Am I a little stoked?  Yes.  Am I going to need to maintain some level of spiritual discipline?  Overwhelmingly, yes!  And that is precisely where this blog comes back into the picture for me.  I never meant to disappear, but now I have an outlet, a way to theologically, emotionally, and spiritually think through things while I am deployed.  I will continue to reflect on various thoughts and ideas that I come across in my readings, but the general nature of the blog may change some over the next year or so as I take time to process and reflect on real world experiences as well (thanks John Wesley!).

I look forward to sharing and reflecting, but also hearing back from y'all every so often.  I ask for your prayers and your well wishes as I embark on this new journey and I ask the very same for my family as they "hold down the fort" while I am away.  And ultimately, I ask that you pray for peace and for God's loving presence for all of our Armed Service personnel, whether they be Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, or Coast Guardsmen.  Grace and peace to you all! 

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